19th December 2017

Our Services


Working closely with major teams, our knowledge of suspension re-valving & tuning is held to a high standard and is race proven by top riders including John May, Joe Dark, Mark Hucklebridge & Aaron Poolman all choosing Technical Solution suspension.

No matter what bike or current suspension you have, with our extensive knowledge we can tailor it to you.

Using K-Tech oil, seals & springs to suit your weight we can create the perfect combination to make you more comfortable on your current machine to suit your riding style, ability & the type of riding you do.

We offer a few different types of suspension work please contact us for more information



As well as offering setup, we can also service your suspension in order for you to get the most out of your existing forks and shock. Ensuring they are working correctly prevents long term damage to many internal parts and it is vital to keep on top of your suspension servicing requirements to keep your forks and shock working as they should.

WP Suspension

As an authorised WP centre, we not only specialised in setup & servicing of WP products but also offer the infamous Cone-Valve forks, AER48 forks & Trax shocks for almost every bike. Upgrade your ride and find out what you've been missing with a perfectly configured WP setup tailored to you.

Engine Servicing

As well as suspension, at Technical Solution we are fully equipped to carry out almost any engine work necessary.

From engine rebuilds to minor servicing and race preparation, we can make sure you stay on track. Just some of these services include:

Oil/filter change
Valve clearance inspection
Complete engine inspection (including piston ring & valve wear)
Carburetor servicing
Top end rebuild
Full engine rebuild
Tyre changes
Wheel bearings

Prices vary for different engines, please contact us for a quotation.


We lace our wheels using Excel rims & bespoke Spokes resulting in a stronger than original wheel build. No matter how old your wheel is we can still rebuild your wheel and get the same results. In some cases older hubs may be worn causing the bearing to become unseated, with our in-house engineers we can turn an insert to suit your hub allowing your bearing to seat correctly as it did when the hub was first manufactured.

We carry out on average 5 sets of wheel rebuilds per week and turn around is normally within 5 working days.